In episode 15 of The Heart of Healthcare Podcast, we talk to transportation and safety expert Debbie Hersman about why women are more likely to die in car crashes, why traffic deaths increased during COVID, and if autonomous cars will save us.

In episode 14 of The Heart of Healthcare Podcast, we discuss how women’s needs are too often ignored in healthcare, and how we can upend the paternalistic system to achieve health equity.

In this episode, Dr. Lucy Kalanithi shares her personal experience with the unexpected illness and passing of her late husband, and working with families and patients faced with end-of-life decision making.

In this episode, Dr. Nzinga Harrison explains substance use disorder and how medical treatment along with harm-reduction practices can lead to better community outcomes.

Youth sex educator Nora Gelperin dives into the good and bad of sex education today.

Renée DiResta talks about the spread of malign narratives across social networks and how that impacts public health.

Halle Tecco

Trying to make a difference.

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