The Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline

In this episode I speak with Dr. HaeSung Han, a clinical psychologist and the co-founder and CEO of POETIC School for Girls, a non-profit that helps teen girls transition from the juvenile justice system and child protective services. Dr. Han explains how vulnerable youth are at risk of exploitation like sexual abuse and sex trafficking and how POETIC builds a pipeline out of the juvenile justice system and into intensive aftercare for girls who have been exploited and trafficked.

Dr. Han spent the bulk of her career as a clinical psychologist and was struck by the revolving door of girls who had been exploited and trafficked, entering and re-entering system living. She wanted to change that. After just four years in business, POETIC has helped 95% of their members stay out of system for good.

Please note that this episode discusses sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and exploitation of girls and young women. This content may be triggering, and may not be suitable for young listeners.




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