Find the helpers, then fund the helpers.

If you are able to donate right now, we’ve put information on all the non-profits which submitted proposals into this doc. Please give — these helpers need your support!

Theme 1: Protecting healthcare workers and supporting our healthcare system

Just today, MedGlobal distributed COVID-19 supplies to 4000 families in addition to 8 quarantine centers In the Rafa area of Gaza.

Theme 2: Supporting women and children at greater risk of abuse

The first set of deliveries to young single moms includes diapers, baby wipes, toiletries, Clorox wipes, baby formula and more. Most of the moms Step By Step supports work hourly jobs without vacation pay, so when schools and child cares closed, they knew they would have needs.

Theme 3: Delivering needed aid, testing, and public health information to high-risk, vulnerable populations

This is the street team in Overtown on Monday. They surveyed over 100 homeless individuals in the area, and are going back out on Thursday.
Part of the BHNC team. Note: this picture was taken before social distancing!

Theme 4: Mitigating the impact of unemployment due to COVID-19

These non-profits need our help more than ever. Please consider donating today!



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